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Parent Education

Special Education 101

Is your child struggling in school?  Is your child excelling but not being challenged?  Either of these scenarios might mean that your child is not receiving the educational services they need for a successful future.  Brighton Center’s Special Education 101 course can help parents understand their child’s rights to a free and appropriate education based on their needs and how to ensure that these needs are met by the school system.  Parents are their child’s first and best advocate and Brighton Center strives to empower them to be the best advocate possible to set their child up for success now and in the future.

This three-hour course (offered in English & Spanish) instructs parents on a variety of topics, including:
– Developing advocacy skills
– Special education law
– Effective communication and
– Overview of the ARD process

Attendees will receive:
– Free childcare and refreshments are provided for those attending the training
– Free special education handbook that is a step by step guide to help navigate parents through the special education process.  The handbook includes information on:

  • Who Qualifies for Special Education
  • Timeline of the Special Education Process
  • The Evaluation Process
  • The ARD Meeting
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Options if Things aren’t Working