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One of Brighton’s Babies is now a Fiesta King!

Posted on: May 26th, 2015

Terence_Young Adult with Disabilities and Fiesta Kin_05.201527 years ago Ninfa Aguirre gave birth to a son with Down’s syndrome. She was told by the doctors that he would not live long at all. When he did, she was told that he would not walk or function on his own at all. At 6 months old Terence began receiving services from Brighton Center, at the time located at 265 E. Lullwood. Terence was a “Brighton baby” until he started school, overcoming all of the odds that were stacked against him. According to his mother, Terence became the first child with special needs to serve as a crossing guard for Northwest Crossing Elementary School. He also paved the way later on in high school, as the first child with special needs to earn a letterman jacket from O’Conner High School after distinguishing himself as a student athlete during the Special Olympics. 27 years later, at the 2015 TAPPestry event at ESC 20, Ninfa spotted Brighton as one of the exhibitors. When she approached, she did so, almost in tears, but with a huge smile on her face! Ninfa and members of the Brighton staff began to talk about their story and how grateful she felt towards Brighton. She still donates when the opportunity arises for her to give back to an organization that she believes in.  The short visit ended with a picture of Terence and me and an assurance from me that we, at Brighton, are still helping families like hers and will continue to do so.  Terence represented Fiesta Especial this past year as a member of their Royal Court, just one more example that there is nothing this young man can’t do!

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