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When Hope Is Lost, Brighton is a Beacon: Madelyn’s Story

Posted on: January 30th, 2015

Madelyn Ortega (39)Little Madelyn was born prematurely when her teenage mother was a part of a tragic car accident that required an emergency C-section.  From that moment on, Madeline’s life has been a constant battle to defy odds.  All hope was lost for this new mom and her baby when doctors confirmed the list of complications Madelyn would suffer as a result of the accident, including Cerebral Palsy, blindness and seizures. At one of the darkest moments imaginable for this young mother, she turned to Brighton for help.

Brighton immediately began providing every therapy and service possible to Madelyn .  And while the speech, physical and occupational therapy was making a difference in Madelyn ‘s development, perhaps the most powerful change was the renewed sense of  hope from Madelyn ‘s family.  With Brighton by their side they no longer felt alone.  They had a team to talk to about difficult feelings and emotions; a team to go to doctor appointments with them; a team to translate what those doctors said; a team to help get specialized equipment for Madelyn ; a team that held them accountable; a team that provided constant ongoing support and loved Madelyn like their own.

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