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Early Childhood Education

Frequently Asked Questions

About our Childcare & Preschool Program
Is this program only for children with disabilities or developmental delays?

No, Brighton’s childcare & preschool program is inclusive which means it is a place for all children; those with and without disabilities or delays.  Our inclusive model provides the opportunity for children with disabilities to learn from those without, aiding in their developmental progress and growth.  For typical developing children, they learn that children with disabilities are just like all their other friends and and have unique and special gifts to offer.

My child has a disability of delay.  What specialized services can this program offer my child?

We work to accommodate the needs of every child we serve.  Side by side we work with our parents to ensure that their individual child’s needs are being met.  Our program provides an array of specialized services for children with disabilities to include a sensory rich environment and sensory supports, visual supports for children with Autism, sign language, special nutritional support including g-tube feeding, breathing treatments and other minor medical needs, school district coordination and attendance at ARD meetings, accessible computer equipment and software, scholarships for children with disabilities and other supports as necessary.

What does it mean to be a nationally accredited program through NAEYC?

NAEYC accreditation is the one of the highest accreditations available to child care and preschool centers.  As a NAEYC-accredited program Brighton has demonstrated a commitment to providing a high quality program for young children and their families. While the NAEYC accreditation process examines the total program, greatest emphasis is placed on the quality of interactions among staff and children and the developmental appropriateness of the curriculum–what really happens to the children. Health and safety, staffing, staff qualifications, physical environment, and administration are all reviewed during accreditation, but primary consideration is given to the nature of the child’s experience.  For more information about NAEYC and the impact it has on your child, click here.

Is breakfast, lunch and snack provided for my child?

Brighton’s Childcare & Preschool program is part of the Texas Department of Agriculture Food Program and therefore provides breakfast, lunch and snack to our children at no additional cost.  Each meal and snack provided follows strict guidelines set forth by the State of Texas to ensure that children receive the nutritious balanced meals they need to achieve maximum developmental growth.  For more about this program, click here.

Do you offer financial assistance for tuition?

Brighton strives to provide opportunities for parents needing financial assistance for child care tuition through scholarships and the Workforce Solutions Alamo, Child Care Services (CCS). The City’s CCS program subsidizes child care tuition for low-income families and are available for both full and part time care. Qualified families may encounter a waiting period for services based on availability of funds. To receive CCS funds, your family must meet the criteria outlined by the City of SAN Antonio. For more information on criteria and how to apply for CCS funds, please click here. Brighton also has limited scholarship funds available annually for families who have children with disabilities. Please contact Brighton for availability and eligibility criteria for scholarship funds.

What type of curriculum do we have?

Brighton’s curriculum is emergent, child-centered, and play-based. Teachers plan according to the different interests and abilities of the children in the classroom. Ideas emerge from the children and teachers working together, with the teachers being able to actively listen to the children’s desires and then act upon them. The teachers pick up the children’s cues through conversations and open-ended questions. This approach also allows teachers to change and modify the curriculum easily in response to things that happen in the course of the day.

What is the ratio child to teacher?
  • Infants teacher to child ratio is 1 to 4 (10 being the most children in the classroom)
  • Toddlers teacher to child ratio is 1 to 4 (12 being the most children in the classroom)
  • Transition teacher to child ratio is 6 to 1 (12 being the most children in the classroom)
  • Pk1 teacher to child ratio is 8 to 1 (16 being the most children in the classroom)
  • Pk2  teacher to student ratio is 10 to 1 (20 being the most children in the classroom)
  • Kinder-ready teacher to child ratio is 10 to 1 (20 being the most children in the classroom)
Are your teachers bilingual?

Brighton’s teachers are not required to be bilingual  but we do have some that speak Spanish as well as trained in baby  sign language.

Does Brighton offer any discounts?

Brighton offers a sibling discount of 10% off your family’s second child enrolled and 15% off third child.

What kind of experience/education do your teachers have?

Brighton’s Childcare & Preschool Staff consist of qualified and caring individuals who are dedicated to helping your child reach his/her full potential.  Each staff member meets the requirements of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to include a background check and FBI finger printing and required health precautions.  Working with Brighton’s Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI), the staff is continually trained by certified teachers, physical therapist, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.  Every teacher on  staff is First Aid and CPR certified.  In addition, each staff member is required to maintain 30 clock hours of training per year to ensure they are maintain a current and broad knowledge-base of early childhood education.

Do the teachers provide therapy in the classrooms?

No, our teachers have additional training to work with children with disabilities and developmental delays but we are not licensed therapist.  However, our program is does allow your child’s therapist to come work with your child as well as work alongside the therapist on the goals that they are trying to achieve for the child.

Do you have a sliding scale tuition?

We do not have a sliding scale tuition fee.

Do you have scholarship available?

Brighton Center offers scholarships to families who have children with disabilities and are needing emergency assistance .  Most scholarships are granted for up to eight weeks and an application must be completed to determine whether or not a family qualifies.