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Become a Brighton Backer

Being a Brighton Backer (monthly donors) not only FEELS great it’s also super easy and comes with some pretty great perks!  As a Brighton Backer you will:

  • Receive special discounts to Brighton special events, including Taste of the Northside and Best Night Ever Fundraising Event.
    TASTE of the Northside tickets for Brighton Backers are $20 OFF! * For more info click here. 
  • Receive an exclusive Brighton shirt sent to you every year, only available to Brighton Backers.
  • Be recognized on Brighton’s website.
  • Receive an annual tax statement itemizing your tax deductible Brighton Backer contributions.
  • Hear stories quarterly of how your monthly gift is adding up to big change for children and families.
    *Discount code to be sent to you immediately following your monthly pledge confirmation and is good for up to 4 tickets.